PLEASE READ: If you are filling out this application to be placed on EQ Bostons waiting list for a puppy, please be aware of
some of our conditions of sale. A link to our contract is below, please make sure you are willing to agree to the terms prior to
filling out an application.  It is worded harshly to protect my dogs and bloodlines, but should not be objectionable to anyone who
is sincere in what they are looking for and the purpose they have for the dog.

    1. Puppies placed as pets only will be sold on spay/neuter agreements and Limited registration papers
    will be given upon proof of spay/neuter. Pet puppies may NOT be bred or shown.
    2. Show and Breeding prospects are sold on show contracts with a co-ownership until the dog
    completes their AKC championship or until the contract requirements have been met.
    3. We do not sell breeding stock to be used in breeding Disqualified Colored Bostons. Any dogs sold on full registration
    are to be bred to BTCA/AKC standard dogs only. Offspring of those dogs are also only to be used in programs that
    breed only to standard and may not be sold to breeders who do not follow the standard set by the BTCA.
    4. Our puppies have a 2 year guarantee against any life threatening hereditary or congenital issues.
    5. Puppies are usually CERF & BAER tested and microchipped prior to placement
    and are JHC negative through parentage.
    6. Typical prices range from $1,600 - $2,000 and up for pets and average around $2,500 + for show prospects.
    7.  We have a first right of refusal and a return home policy in our contracts.
    8.  We offer support via phone or e-mail anytime throughout the life of your puppy.
    9.  Puppies are not shipped sight unseen. They must be picked up or delivered in person.      

Note: If I do not respond immediately, please be patient. Between work, kids, and dogs, I have a very hectic schedule. The
best time to reach me is after 6:00 pm. If we do not have any puppies or adults available, I sometimes wait to respond to
applications until we do. Thanks for understanding.

Please read our contract for information on what is expected, what is required, and what you can expect from us as a breeder:    
EQ Bostons ~ Jani Martin
Newman Lake, WA  ~ (509)216-6002
I am interested in:
A Pet / Companion Boston
A Show / Breeding Prospect