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Sale Contract

EQ Bostons/Jani Martin, referred hereafter as “Seller”, agrees to sell, one Boston Terrier, to
_____________________________________________________referred to hereafter as “Buyer”.
Registered Name of Boston __________________________________
AKC Registration #: ________________ Color: ______________ Chip #: ______________
Date of Birth: ____________________________
Sire: _______________________________AKC #:______________________
Dam: ______________________________AKC#:_______________________
The purchase price of the Boston will be $_______________minus deposit of $___________
Shipping charges, crate, health certificate and travel are additional. Additional charges are
$ _________________________________________________________________________
Down payments/deposits are non-refundable with the exceptions stated in this contract.

Dog/Puppy is sold with AKC:
● Limited Registration _____ Limited registration does not permit breeding or showing of the
dog. The dog/puppy is sold as Pet Only.
● Full Registration _____ Full registration allows breeding and showing of the dog. The
dog/puppy is sold as a show/breeding prospect. Any requirements or limitations are listed
here: Co-ownership until championship finished or until all contract conditions have been

Pet/Companion puppies:
All pet/companion puppies are sold on Limited registration and must be spayed or neutered, and
must not be bred. Buyer will furnish the spay/neuter certificate to the seller/breeder including
confirmation from the vet that the microchip number of the dog spayed/neutered matches the
microchip on record. Limited registration allows competition in a variety of other events but does
not allow rights for conformation showing.

Show & Breeding Prospects:
Each show prospect is carefully selected based on their positive qualities and how closely they
represent the BTCA/AKC breed standard. Due to unforseen changes that can occur while
maturing, EQ Bostons cannot guarantee the puppy's success as a show prospect. In most cases,
a show prospect will require a co-ownership until the puppy has attained their AKC CH title and
cannot be bred until this requirement has been filled. Specifics of this clause are listed below.
Should the puppy not mature as expected and is no longer a show/breeding prospect,
seller/breeder has the option to negotiate a reasonable solution such as, but not limited to,
signing over co-ownership and dropping the title requirement, a discount on a puppy from a future
litter that may be a better prospect for show, a replacement puppy, etc. If the puppy is deemed
pet quality at maturity, the puppy is required to be spayed or neuterd. EQ Bostons is not required
to offer a resolution under this contract due to the unforseen nature of purchasing a show
prospect, however feels a buyer should receive what they expected and would like to leave this
option for negotiation open and encourage the buyer to keep in communication with the breeder
regarding any issues in this area.

EQ Bostons is a member in good standing of the Boston Terrier Club of America and has
committed to breed only to the BTCA/AKC breed standard. Therefore, any dog bred by EQ
Bostons that is sold on full registration must only be bred according to this standard and may NOT
be bred to dogs with disqualifying characteristics, including but not limited to: splash markings,
any other color besides black, brindle and seal, any color not accepted by BTCA even if covered
by a brindle pattern, a dog not possessing the required markings, over marked dogs, dogs with
blue or any trace of blue in its eyes. Likewise, any offspring offered for sale or for stud service
may not be offered to breeders who do not follow the above guidelines or who place their dogs
with breeders who do not.


Registration papers and transfer will be given at the time buyer takes possession of
the dog unless otherwise arranged. Delivery of registration papers and transfer does not
release the buyer from the obligations agreed upon in this contract. The contract shall
remain in force for the life of the dog.
Additional terms: ______________________________________________________

Puppies less than six months: Registration papers are guaranteed to be delivered to the
buyer once received from AKC by the breeder/seller. Seller agrees that the paperwork
process will be completed in a timely manner and full transfer of the dog will given, along
with full ownership dated back to the date the buyer took possession. If buyer is
purchasing a pet puppy on Limited registration, AKC papers will be given once proof of spay
or neuter is received by seller.

General Health Warranty:
The health of the above animal is excellent to the best of the Seller’s knowledge at the time of
sale, and the animal is not suffering from any known disease or defect which would prevent it
from living a healthy or normal life. However the seller encourages the Buyer to have a
veterinarian examination of the dog within 72 hours of purchase or 3 business days. If the
veterinarian finds the dog to have a pre-existing malady or to be in poor health, upon furnishing
veterinary documentation the dog may be returned to the seller, at the expense of the Buyer, for
a full refund of the purchase price. This does not include illness caused by follow-up de-worming
treatment or treatment for intestinal upset due to the stress of relocating the dog. Warranty
does not cover illness caused by environment or improper care. Puppies have undeveloped
immune systems and are susceptible to a variety of illnesses that can be contracted during
shipment or immediately after. Every precaution will be taken to insure the puppy was in excellent
health at the time of sale, but EQ Bostons will not be held responsible for illness contracted after
leaving their possession.

Puppy has been BAER tested Normal, CERF tested Clear and will have an
additional vet exam prior to shipping to the buyer. Both parents are JHC DNA tested n/n.

2 Year Heath Guarantee:
EQ Bostons guarantees the dog to be free from any life threatening hereditary or congenital
defects or conditions and should the dog be found to have any such condition, the dog may be
returned to the seller for a refund or for a replacement dog of comparable value. The option to
provide a refund or replacement puppy is at the discretion of the seller/breeder. Should the
puppy suffer from any life threatening hereditary or congenital defect or condition and it is found
after the puppy is two years of age, the buyer is encouraged to contact the seller with these
findings. Depending on the situation, the seller may extend the guarantee beyond two years and
offer a replacement puppy. This guarantee does not cover any conditions that may arise out of
environment or due to improper care of the dog.

Buyer is responsible for all veterinarian costs, exams, tests, medical treatments, medications or
supplements. In addition, the buyer will be responsible for any transportation charges of the dog.
Buyer agrees to provide proper food, care, medical care as needed, shelter in their home, and
attention for the dog. This includes protection from extreme temperatures due to the sensitivity
of Boston Terriers to excessive heat or cold.

First Right of Refusal & Return Home Policy:
Should buyer be unable to keep the dog for any reason, EQ Bostons shall be contacted first and
given the opportunity to purchase the dog back at the original price. Should EQ Bostons be
unable to or choose not to repurchase the dog at that time, buyer will be allowed to place the
dog in a home under the same care stipulations of this contract and will furnish seller/breeder
with the contact information of the new owner. If the dog is unspayed/unneutered and was
originally sold on full registration, seller/breeder MUST approve the home and/or breeding program
in which the dog would be used prior to placement and also given contact information for the new
owner. These same conditions also apply to any potential co-ownerships or leases of the dog.
Any change in ownership must be approved by the breeder. If the seller/breeder does not
approve, the dog must be spayed or neutered prior to placement into a new home.

EQ Bostons also provides a “Return Home” clause on any dog sold. Should the buyer be unable to
keep the dog and cannot find a suitable home, the dog must be returned to EQ Bostons. Buyer
agrees that EQ Bostons MUST be contacted in the event the only option for re-homing the dog is
taking it to a shelter or rescue facility and the dog is required to be returned to the seller. If an
animal is returned to the seller under any circumstances, the correctly signed AKC registration
and any health records will be returned also.

Breach of Contract:
Any breach of the above contract may result in legal action. EQ Bostons has made substantial
investments in pedigree selection, health testing, breeding stock, showing, and building a solid
reputation for quality Boston Terriers. Any misuse of the sellers/breeders bloodlines could result in
irreparable damage to that reputation, therefore should a puppy that was sold as a pet or with
conditional breeding rights be utilized for breeding other than outlined in this agreement, EQ
Bostons will take legal action including repossession of the dog, recovery of punitive damages and
recovery of all expenses associated in remedying the breach of contract including but not limited
to: Attorney's fees, transportation, unpaid wages, shipping, and vet expenses. No refunds will be
issued if any breach in contract results in a repossession of the dog. Buyer will turn over any and
all registration papers (including transfer signature) and health records. Should buyer not allow EQ
Bostons to take peaceful possession of the puppy, buyer agrees to pay EQ Bostons any court
costs, attorneys fees or any other expenses borne by EQ Bostons in the effort to secure
possession of the puppy.

If any part of this contract requires legal action in order to compel compliance, resolve a dispute
or secure a judgment, buyer agrees that venue shall lie in Spokane County, Washington state.

I have read and understand this contract and agree to its contents:

Buyer: ______________________________________________Date: _______________
Buyer’s name: (print)____________________________________________________
Phone:_____________________________ eMail:______________________________

Seller: ______________________________________________Date:_______________
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This is our typical sale contract for show and companion puppies.
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