My Opinion on Free Whelping Bostons

When I first researched the breed, I was surprised to find how willingly everyone accepted the Boston Terrier's inability to free whelp. I questioned
whether or not breeders should place more value on this as a structural strength.  Articles showed that it was not in the size of the Boston or wider hips
that allowed them to free whelp (so not an alteration in conformation or breeding against standard), but the structure within the pelvic bones that
allowed them to have their puppies naturally.  Wouldn't it make sense to add that desired quality into the mix of other positive traits?  Of course we can't
look at a puppy and know if it has that structure in the pelvic bones, however oftentimes daughters of free whelpers, have the ability to free whelp as well.

Here's the problem.  Generation after generation of gorgeous representatives of the breed were delivered by c-sections. Not always because it was
required, but many times to be certain the litter has the best chance for survival.  Now if we were to try and move towards a free whelping structure,
would we be required disregard fantastic females just because of their inability to free whelp? Where would the breed be then? What we have to work
with took many decades and many generations of carefully bred Bostons to produce. We would be idiots to toss that out the door in favor of narrowing
our bloodlines to those elusive free whelpers, especially with such a young breed.  Even a free whelper can sometimes require a c-section.

If you get lines that free whelp, fantastic!  Try to keep great quality females from those lines.
If you have a beautiful girl who is a great example of a Boston but she delivers by c-section, don't value her any less.

I was told when I first started in Bostons that nice show dogs can't be free whelpers.  In fact, I was told rather rudely and forcefully to go breed labs if I
thought a dog should free whelp, because show quality Bostons do not.  Below are some examples of free whelped Bostons and their
accomplishments. I think they disprove that theory, and they are only those we own or have bred. There are many other great examples that have
contributed to the breed in the ring and in the whelping box.  
CH Risingstars No Bull Dozer
AKC Champion. Finished by 9 months old.
CH EQ Touch of Rembrandt
AKC Champion. 2012 BTCA National Reserve Winners Dog
Danish/Swedish Champion
EQ Trip The Lights Fantastic
#1 Boston Terrier in Denmark for 2013
CH EQ Tea'd Off
AKC Champion. Finished with 3 majors,
taking multiple Best of Breeds over Specials.
JrCH EQ Simply Stunning at Notting Hill
European Jr Champion & 2011 Grand Prix Slovakia
Junior Winner.
CH EQ Painted Artistic Impression
AKC Champion
Euro CH Miss Music Du Grand Fresnoy
European Champion
Other Free Whelped Bostons
EQ Ballroom Blitz
(showing in 2014)
EQ Luscious Lady Selena
EQ Hot Djang!
(currently showing)
EQ High Class Carli at Bigsho
(showing in Canada)