Our puppies are born in our bedroom (if we're lucky enough not to run to the emergency vet clinic for a c-section). After about two
weeks, they are moved to the bathroom next to our bedroom until they are 8 weeks old. They are socialized with our kids as well as
other "teenage" or adult dogs. They are used to being bathed, having their nails clipped, being played with by adults and kids, and
often spend time relaxing on our bed at the end of the day watching TV with us.  They are box trained by about 6 - 7 weeks of age.
As weather permits, they become accustomed to playing in the back yard and usually have a start on their potty training by 8 - 9
weeks.  We do not let the puppies leave to new homes prior to 8 weeks, and we often prefer 10 +.  

We are not a kennel, our dogs are kept inside with us. We breed and show because we enjoy it, and we believe in dealing honesty
with people we meet along the way. We do not sell our puppies to brokers or pet shops and do not believe in puppies being
purchased online via a "shopping cart". Every new owner must be approved, every puppy is placed in a home I am comfortable with
and I must meet every new owner in person.  We include a clause that if someone is unable to keep the dog for any reason the dog
would need to be returned to EQ Bostons to eliminate the possibility of any of our dogs ever ending up in a shelter or rescue
situation. We also require that the owner contact us before attempting to find a new home for the dog so we may offer assistance
as well as having first right of refusal. This isn't done because we have a burning desire to be control freaks... it's done so that,
regardless of the circumstances, we can be sure our babies never set foot in a shelter or ever experience not having a home.

Please review our
contract and be prepared to agree to all conditions. It is strict, however it is designed to protect our puppies, our
bloodlines, and our reputation as a breeder. It is also designed to protect YOU as a new owner. Those who do not agree to the
conditions are usually those who have a different agenda for one of our puppies than we allow - and those people can rest assured
we would aggressively pursue legal action if a buyer is deceptive about this and our contract is broken. For those who are up front
and honest about their intentions for a puppy we place with them, the contract is never a problem and nearly every single
companion puppy we have placed in the past 8 years is still with their original new owner.

Be aware that any puppy placed by EQ Bostons, show home or pet home, must be picked up or delivered to you in person.
Puppies are NOT shipped sight unseen. This applies to within the U.S. and internationally.
"Puppy Parenting" and Responsibility
EQ Luscious Lady Selena
JrCh EQ Simply Stunning
CH EQ Touch Of
CH EQ Miss Music Du
Grand Fresnoy
DKCH EQ Trip The
Lights Fantastic
CH EQ Tea'd Off
EQ Ballroom Blitz
Our Goals

Our first goal in breeding Boston Terriers is to produce healthy show quality
dogs. Not only do we strive for a dog that fits the
AKC Boston Terrier
Standard, but we also want to produce those that can be competitive in the
show ring.  

Our dogs are health tested: At minimum our dogs are BAER tested for
normal hearing, CERF tested for cataracts as well other eye issues, Patellas
checked for soundness, and DNA tested for Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts
and for being Non-Carriers.  

Though it's not a top priority in our program, currently all of our girls
free-whelp and are from free whelping dams. In the past we've been told it's
not possible to have well bred free-whelping Bostons from show lines.
Though my top priority is to stay true to the Boston standard, it's icing on
the cake when form is not compromised but function is improved.  I'm
always ready for the possibility of a c-section and have had many done in the
past, but appreciate when nature can take over and my girls don't have to go
through the surgery, the additional recovery, and post surgery medications.  

Our own personal goals for our dogs is to attain either their AKC
Championship title, and/or their ROM titles.

(Below are puppies we have bred. Click on the upper corner
thumbnails to see how they grew up)
Puppy Policies

What's involved in purchasing a puppy from EQ Bostons?
For Pet puppies, the puppies are required to be spayed or neutered and come with Limited AKC registration. This means the
dog cannot be bred or shown. To be perfectly honest though, we breed for show dogs and we do not breed often, so pet puppies
are rarely available and you could be on a waiting list for months before one becomes available.

For Show/Breeding prospects, depending on the puppy, contracts could range from showing in a specified number of shows to a
co-ownership until the dog has finished its AKC championship. For adult dogs, such as retired breeding or show dogs, a Spay or
Neuter is usually required.
EQ Bostons ~ Jani Martin
Newman Lake, WA  ~ (509)216-6002