EQ Bostons ~ Jani Martin
Newman Lake, WA  ~ (509)216-6002

Have you considered a rescue? Have you checked
your local shelters? I encourage you to visit

for possible alternatives to purchasing
a puppy. There are many rescue dogs available with
many years and a lot of love left to give.

At this time we do not have any puppies available. Our next breeding is planned for late this summer.  If you would like to
be considered for a future litter, fill out the application below and submit it.

I do apologize if there is anyone who has inquired in the last several weeks.  My web hosting company changed hands
and there were some issues with my site during that time. I also dropped my phone in the kitchen sink while doing dishes
a few weeks back and have had issues with my phone ever since.

If you would like to be on our waiting list but have not yet made contact with me, please resubmit an application. If you
have already submitted one, it's possible it did not come through. The best place to reach me is on Facebook Messenger
at www.Facebook.com/EQBostons or search EQ Bostons page on Facebook.