EQ Bostons ~ Jani Martin
Newman Lake, WA  ~ (509)216-6002
We are accepting applications for our waiting list however priority goes to:

#1. My picks for my future show prospects of course
#2. Qualified show homes, preferably family homes here in the U.S..
International homes considered. (IF allowed by stud owner)
#3. Pet homes on spay/neuter contracts

(Please note, when we breed out to someone else's stud, there may be additional restrictions on how and where the
resulting puppies are placed. Out of respect, we take into consideration the stud owners wishes for their stud's
offspring. This may include, but is not limited to, restrictions on international placement, US championship title
requirements, no placement within close proximity to a stud with similar lines, etc. and may even include placing
all but pick of the litter in pet homes on spay/neuter contracts.)
Due to some unexpected changes in our breeding
program (Dozer is now retired from breeding due
to a medical emergency), we are still working
through our breeding plans for 2017.