FAQ for "Newbies":

    Q: How are Boston Terriers around kids?
    A: Wonderful. Every breed can have bad apples or occasional dogs with behavior problems due to
    mishandling or improper socialization, but Bostons in general have very playful, fun-loving dispositions.

    Q: Do Boston Terriers shed?
    A: Yes they do! Though they are a short coated breed, they shed just like any other dog. If you are
    wearing light colors, count on seeing black hairs on your clothes. If you're wearing dark colors, count on
    seeing white hairs on your clothes. They tend to have both bases covered!

    Q: What are they like to groom?
    A: FUN! Though they shed, they ARE easy to groom. A good brushing and a washcloth on the face can
    often take care of basic grooming if you don't want to go all out with a bath. Unless they're a total
    "Pigpen" (I do have one of those!) it's easy to keep a shiny healthy coat with light regular brushing and
    good quality nutrition.

    Q: What is the typical cost for a Boston Terrier puppy?
    A: It varies depending on Quality, Pedigree, Breeder, Registry, etc. Our puppies usually start at around
    $1600.00 for pets depending on the puppy and the future plans of their new family.  Pets are sold on
    Limited Registration (cannot be bred or shown) and are required to be spayed or neutered.
    Show/Breeding prospects are sold on a show contract and start around $2500.00.  Occasionally we have
    adults that are available as "retirees" that can be placed in homes where they will have lots of one-on-
    one attention and be spoiled.

    Can you get a registered Boston for less? Of course. It may surprise you that lower priced Bostons are
    usually bred for profit while show breeders charging higher prices actually lose money.  A breeder who
    is interested in preserving the quality and the health of the dogs they are producing, invests the money
    in health testing and showing to determine health, quality and adherence to the AKC standard, and then
    stands behind every puppy they produce. That is reflected in the price. A "backyard breeder" who
    breeds solely to sell puppies usually doesn't plan past the check clearing the bank and tends to cut
    corners on vet work and quality care. Without health testing (this is not a vet check but tests specifically
    targeting genetic defects inherent in the breed) you are more likely to be sitting in the vets office two
    years down the road, making the decision whether or not to invest $2500 in correcting luxating patellas
    or you are faced with a young dog going blind because the breeder did not DNA test for juvenile
    hereditary cataracts.  

    Q: What are some things I should know about before buying a Boston for our family?
    A: Bostons have their own quirks and you need to decide if you are willing to live with those quirks
    before you purchase one. Here are the honest facts:
    1. Bostons have gas.... and there's no fluffy hair over the rear or long tail to diffuse the smell or
    sounds of your beloved Boston's tooting.  Be prepared for friends and family to snicker at the sounds
    and for them to cover their noses at the smells. It's not that bad all day, just around dinner time and
    certain types of dog food seem to help the stinkiness.
    2.  Bostons snore. We've checked around the house, thinking there was a motor or something
    running, only to discover that one of the Bostons was just in a very deep sleep. Not all of them snore,
    but just like the risk with a new husband... you don't know how bad they snore until you share the house
    and by then it's too late because they're too cute and you're too attached to kick them out.  This is also
    true in regards to item #1.
    3.  Bostons are sensitive to heat and cold. These are not dogs that you can leave out all day in 90
    degree weather or outside for more than a brief time in the snow. Dogs cool themselves through panting,
    and bracycephalic dogs have a tougher time due to their airway structure.  They can also get frostbite,
    just like anyone else outside without a coat on.
EQ Bostons ~ Jani Martin
Newman Lake, WA  ~ (509)216-6002